Lots of great ladies, gentlemen and couples 40+ at the 2014 Golden Globe awards. Before we get to the dresses, I have to say what fun Emma Thompson appears to be. In pictures and on screen she seemed to be always be laughing and having and a blast. Plus she brought her daughter to the […]

I LOVE how many great ladies aged 40 and over there were that graced the red carpet tonight at the Golden Globe awards.  There seemed to be lots of black tonight, especially with a single shoulder or unique cut outs.  There was also a continuation of trends from last year with lots of jewel colours […]

My friend Alexis has a great phrase that she uses when she shops "that dress does not make you fabulous".  It is never about how fabulous the woman may or may not be. But whether the dress is as fabulous as the woman.   And we can all make mistakes and be mislead by the dress […]

There were some great couples, aged 40 and over, walking the red carpet together.   It seemed that a lot of spouses opted for black, but I guess when your spouse is nominated/honoured/presenting at the Golden Globes a black dress allows you to look great, but leave the limelight for your other half. Check for my other Golden Globe coverage of My […]

This is my Second Annual review of the Golden Globe Fashions worn by the 40ish plus set.  Last year I was surprised by the sheer number of women over 40 at the event.  This year I was prepared.  And happy to see so many of these ladies win!!  This year the trends were mostly around […]

I love award season.   Besides being a glittery party reprieve from the winter doldrums, it is also very entertaining to watch the well styled, sculpted, botoxed and possibly nipped and tucked crowd pull out all the stops and walk the red carpet.   It's a party and what else do you do at a party (besides drink)?  […]

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