I am currently prepping for two weeks of Spring Break with my young son. Watching the seemingly continuous rain. Contemplating how I will replace my Google Reader before July. And thinking about introducing you to 3 more style blogs that I love. This month all my links seem to have a vintage/thrifted feel to them. […]

Happy Easter and Earth Day!  If you are looking for eco-fashion content, check out my guest blog at yummy mummy club.  Now onto Follow Fashion  Friday... I recently discovered a new style blog that I love.  I only like to add blogs I truly love and follow regularly to my blogroll.  And then of course, […]

I've been following Solo Lisa for quite some time now. She is a local Vancouver fashion blogger and I really love her posts.  Yes, she is a younger blogger. But she blogs great ideas that work for women at any age.  Recently she started a new job and blogged about easy outfit solutions for early commuters.  […]

I don't talk a lot about my son in my blog.  Frankly because this is one of the few spaces in my life that is not about him.  But my having a pre-school aged boy feeds into almost every decision I make about fashion.   This morning I wore my new Green Sapphire necklace. It is made of coconut, tree […]

I met a couple of wonderful out-of-town bloggers at Eco Fashion Week.  And I thought they were perfect to profile in a Follow Fashion Friday post.  For those new to my blog I "stole" the twitter follow friday concept and moved it to my blog.  I like to tell people about why I follow a blog before I […]

While I was at the Martha Stewart Living party in NYC I walked by a group of women and heard  "and she was buck naked."  Well like any good Canadian girl I stopped and said "I'm sorry this conversation sounds too interesting not to join you."  And I am so glad I  was so nosey because I met the […]

I don't know if it was exhaustion from my full day of shopping with my Mom on Monday, or the sudden start of summer.  But the inspiration has been gone a bit this week.  Had a complete fashion  meltdown yesterday trying to find a sundress to wear to work.  A sundress that was appropriate for work.  A Sundress that didn't […]

I only recently started watching Glee. My TV schedule was full, so I had to wait until the summer to start watching. I immediately fell in love.   So last week I saw some friends on twitter talking about this great Glee website  "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?".  I love Emma's vintage look on the show, […]

I subscribe to Searching for Style via email and so loved her most recent post.   She highlights a bright style light in young Hollywood - Carey Mulligan.  A young woman who is obviously comfortable in her own skin. She has a unique "cute" sense of style.  She owns it.  She understands herself.  And she looks young. And […]

Advanced Style - Ari Seth Cohen authors yet  another blog about street style.  But this street style is unique in that Ari focuses on stylish "older folks".  Here is what he says about his blog... "I roam the streets looking for New York's most stylish and creative older folks. Respect your elders and let these ladies and […]

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