I spent last night scouring old 1990s photos looking for shots of me wearing my dark green Dr Martens.  I didn't find any good photos, but I had a great trip down memory lane.  Note, I said no good photos.  I found a few shots from a vacation I took with a friend down to […]

I'm not sure why but last Friday I felt a bit like a Charlie perfume ad.  For those of us of a certain age we remember Shelley Hack, before she became an angel, as the model in the Charlie perfume ads.  There were apparently other women who did Charlie ads, but I always think of […]

One of the good things about the fashion seasons is you can see what is going to be on trend for fall before you start buying your spring clothes. It lets you know which silhouettes are going to be around for a while - well at least 2 seasons.  I'll leave the many downsides to the […]

Way back in 1984 there was a little movie with Demi Moore called No Small Affair.  It was the movie that is said to  have launched Jon Cryer, Tim Robbins and Jennifer Tillys' careers.   It isn't talked about much anymore (probably because it really wasn't that great a movie), but it was my first view into the […]

Way back in the mid 90s when The Gap was king they ran a TV ad that re-ignited the Swing Dance craze.  (And since I met my husband on the swing dance floor I have a special spot for this ad in my heart).  This week the first stand alone Joe Fresh store in Canada opened in Vancouver […]

The 1980s started out as they would follow... with tight jeans.  Brooke and Calvin got us started and we spent the next decade lying on our beds sucking everything in to do up our jeans.  They were tight and they were skinny - most had to have zippers at the bottom so you could get […]

   I had an interesting discussion with Poppy Buxom at Blogher about pointy toed shoes.  For her they are an item that she did the "first" time so she can't do them again.  Now in reality I doubt Poppy wore  these the very first time they were in fashion which appears to be back in France in […]

 Back in the 80s my Mom used to wear a lot of Liz Claiborne.  She was a groundbreaking designer in the day, with her bright matching separates for professional women.  Liz's favourite colour was red and her collections showed her love of colour.    She was the first woman to head a company to join the Fortune […]

At the Nicole Bridger fashion show last week at the Opus, there was this young woman dressed in a fuchsia/purple spaghetti strap romper.  The colour was fantastic on her (she had long dark Amy Winehouse hair and colouring).  She paired it with a pair of simple pumps.  I might have gone with a funkier shoe, but otherwise […]

A few weeks ago I did a Fashion Flashback Friday to Pretty in Pink.  As I wrote the post I also found out that Molly Ringwald just published "Getting the Pretty Back".  I was excited to hear that this star of my teenage years, who was now also 42, had written a book about "Friendship, Family, […]

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