I recently finished reading Jian Gomeshi's memoir 1982. For my non-Canadian readers, Jian is the radio host of a national daily cultural affairs program Q on CBC Radio One. He is well known for his well researched interviews and he has won international awards for his skill as an interviewer and talk show host. He is also a former […]

I'm not sure why but last Friday I felt a bit like a Charlie perfume ad.  For those of us of a certain age we remember Shelley Hack, before she became an angel, as the model in the Charlie perfume ads.  There were apparently other women who did Charlie ads, but I always think of […]

Happy Easter and Earth Day!  If you are looking for eco-fashion content, check out my guest blog at yummy mummy club.  Now onto Follow Fashion  Friday... I recently discovered a new style blog that I love.  I only like to add blogs I truly love and follow regularly to my blogroll.  And then of course, […]

When I think big shoulders, long sleeve, sequined gowns I think about Dynasty.   The ultimate in 1980s luxury and sequins. Powered by their shoulder pads these women fought each other for power and their men.  Krystle Carrington (the sweet one with the great left hook) was so well known for the long sleeve, shoulder pad, […]

Way back in the mid 90s when The Gap was king they ran a TV ad that re-ignited the Swing Dance craze.  (And since I met my husband on the swing dance floor I have a special spot for this ad in my heart).  This week the first stand alone Joe Fresh store in Canada opened in Vancouver […]

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