I was lucky to capture this great shot with one of my favourite local designers, Wendy Van Risen, from Dahlia Drive at Eco Fashion Week. I did a profile on Dahlia Drive a couple of years back and was thrilled to see she was showing again at Eco Fashion Week. Unfortunately I didn't get to […]

Before I begin lets remember that leggings are NOT pants. With that said...Leggings are a great item in many women's closets. As a mother to a very busy 5 year old, there are several practical reasons why I love leggings. They are great under a skirt for trips to the park. They are great under […]

Last week, as I have previously blogged, I attended the Leading Moms conference.  I'd describe the event like a mini Ted hosted by and for Moms.  We have a wide variety of inspirational Moms in a mix of performance, video and talks.   I wrote down small nuggets of truth from several presentations, but I was […]

Last week I attended EcoFashion Week.  They had a slightly different approach this time, including a brand new sponsor - Value Village.  You guessed it, thrift, the original eco fashion finally had its opportunity to hit the main stage.  I wrote a review of the Value Village runway show over at Vancouver Observer. I used to regularly […]

On my way home from Spend on Trend a few weeks ago I walked by the window at C'est La Vie on Main Street when I saw the most adorable hat. It was a 1920/30s Girl Friday type hat I've been looking for for years. You know the type, likely last seen worn in a Thin Man […]

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