Over the holidays we spent a few days over on the island. For those who live outside BC, this isn't a tropical island, but a reference to Vancouver Island or Victoria where my Dad lives. I packed a few old favourites into a massive suitcase to leave room to bring back all the Christmas presents […]

A good friend was in from out of town and the only time we could get together was for brunch on a Sunday morning.  I wanted to dress up just a bit (cause I rarely get out for brunch), but I knew I also had to manage my little guy at the park after brunch. […]

Last weekend was Victoria Day weekend and what I consider the kick-off weekend for summer. It was an easy going weekend of visiting the farmer's market, hitting the playground and doing some errands. So my looks were pretty casual. But it was nice enough out to start pulling out the summer hat collection. It was […]

Before I begin lets remember that leggings are NOT pants. With that said...Leggings are a great item in many women's closets. As a mother to a very busy 5 year old, there are several practical reasons why I love leggings. They are great under a skirt for trips to the park. They are great under […]

I recently had an opportunity to visit Vancouver local designer Diane Kennedy's studio. I came home with this lovely a-line animal print tunic top.I like this tunic shape because, it is very comfortable,  its a-line shape still shows my shape and it is long enough to wear with leggings (because leggings are NOT pants). Then […]

Part 4 of 4 in a Series on Spring Trends I am still rather new to the neutrals party. For many years neutral to me was black. In the past few years I have expanded into greys (loving charcoal grey) and olive green. I am still not someone who wears a lot of browns, tans […]

Spring 2013 Trends Series Part 2 Bright colours continue to be on trend this spring. Green is the particular colour chosen by those "trend forecasting" folks over at Pantone. Especially the bright emerald green. But  if you aren't a fan of green there are a lot of other options available. There are also lots of […]

I don't like to talk sizes much, because they change so much from brand to brand (and sometimes drastically even within the same brand). I wear the clothes that fit my body and my style.  The specific size doesn't really matter.  But for this post it makes sense for me to tell you that I generally wear around a […]

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