As we start to move into fall I thought I would add a bright pop of colour to my Chic Casual Friday. This fuschia Nygard blazer and yellow shoes seemed to do the trick. For some reason I also thought some pattern mixing wouldn't be too over the top. In the end I like it. What […]

I've written recently about my new full time job and my almost uniformish approach to Casual Friday.  On the elevator last Friday I saw a woman in flip flops, cropped cargo pants (I thought they were sweats at first glance) and a rumpled sleeve plain t-shirt. I was hoping that perhaps she was just going to the Doctors […]

In honour of casual Friday, and to help debunk the idea that style bloggers look glamorous all the time, I thought I'd post this cute (but firmly NON-glam) outfit I wore to do school pick-up last week. It was also an opportunity to show off the purple spring jacket I got for my birthday from my […]

This is another installment in my locals that I love fall series.  Today is casual friday, which in a lot of offices could be called Shlumpadinka Friday (thank you Oprah for coining this perfect word that just rolls off your tongue to describe a sloppy dresser).  I'd like to suggest we rename Fridays Smart Fridays.  A little more casual […]

For those of us that go into an office or have regular client meetings on Fridays... do you participate in Casual Friday?  If yes, what do you define as appropriate? I got an interesting press release from Plum this week with some results of their customer's opinions on Casual Fridays.  Before I spill the beans […]

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