I promised to post photos of my new red Anthropologie top and Loft denim blazer.  I wore them today.  I wasn't planning on wearing a blazer today. But I got ready to head out the door and realized that fall had suddenly descended on Vancouver, so I added the blazer with a nice little vintage flower pin […]

I had the best laid plans for shopping while I was at Blogher10 in New York City - drop luggage at hotel, hit subway to Century 21, grab a bite to eat, find the Camper store in SOHO, and then get lost in SOHO.  I even  test drove my shoes a few weeks in advance (the black […]

While I was at the Martha Stewart Living party in NYC I walked by a group of women and heard  "and she was buck naked."  Well like any good Canadian girl I stopped and said "I'm sorry this conversation sounds too interesting not to join you."  And I am so glad I  was so nosey because I met the […]

This was my first Blogher conference so it was all new to me.  But I had heard that there were many unofficial parties that bloggers could expect to be invited to. As a first timer I didn't expect to be on many of those lists.  So I was over the moon to get not only an invitation but […]

So the plan for Blogher10 was to take pictures of all my outfits. I wrote a list of what I packed and figured I should follow up with visuals.  Unfortunately, I got caught up in the conference and only got pictures of 3 of my outfits.  Thursday night - original plan was black pants and […]

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