I've been on my fair share of road trips with my girlfriends over the years.  But they are mostly in the past, because lately the only road tripping I do is with a full complement of juice boxes, wet wipes, hidden extra toys  and kids music.   Plus I've never been on one of those girls trips where you […]

A few weeks ago I posted about the two interesting women that I met at Blogher.  I detailed how it was instant blog love for Poppy Buxom.  Today I'll tell you about the awesomeness that is Blackbird.  Her blog is Say la Vee, Life in an urban town. Three great boys,16,19 and 25, one tall gorgeous husband, […]


While at Blogher there was a lot of swag. But the best promised swag was at the Mouthy Housewives party. Now I will admit I crashed said party.  My friend Gwen (aka @leftcoastmama) was invited and had RSVPd. She didn't want to go alone, so I was happy to tag along.   She showed her invite and they […]


I promised to post photos of my new red Anthropologie top and Loft denim blazer.  I wore them today.  I wasn't planning on wearing a blazer today. But I got ready to head out the door and realized that fall had suddenly descended on Vancouver, so I added the blazer with a nice little vintage flower pin […]

I had the best laid plans for shopping while I was at Blogher10 in New York City - drop luggage at hotel, hit subway to Century 21, grab a bite to eat, find the Camper store in SOHO, and then get lost in SOHO.  I even  test drove my shoes a few weeks in advance (the black […]

While I was at the Martha Stewart Living party in NYC I walked by a group of women and heard  "and she was buck naked."  Well like any good Canadian girl I stopped and said "I'm sorry this conversation sounds too interesting not to join you."  And I am so glad I  was so nosey because I met the […]

This was my first Blogher conference so it was all new to me.  But I had heard that there were many unofficial parties that bloggers could expect to be invited to. As a first timer I didn't expect to be on many of those lists.  So I was over the moon to get not only an invitation but […]

So the plan for Blogher10 was to take pictures of all my outfits. I wrote a list of what I packed and figured I should follow up with visuals.  Unfortunately, I got caught up in the conference and only got pictures of 3 of my outfits.  Thursday night - original plan was black pants and […]

So I am madly packing for my cross-country summer adventure.  I have to pack for 3 different situations - cottage, camping and BlogHer in NYC.     My plan was to take pictures of my Blogher outfits and post them for your comments. Well I ran out of time for that idea.  So the BlogHer outfits are chosen and are sitting ready to go […]


In a few short weeks I am heading to New York for a few days. I'm pretty excited as I've only been to New York once before and that was a one day meeting. So I got to stick my head into Nordstrom's on the way back to the airport.  This trip for Blogher will give […]

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