At the Eco Fashion Week Vancouver Trade Show I discovered the most beautiful, colourful, unique jewelry. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed and handmade by Brazilian Artist/Designer Patricia Moura. Now these designs may travel a long way to get to us. But the collection is dedicated to helping preserve the Amazon and inspiring the industry in the Rainforest through its […]

Some accessories that I have bought in the past few months.  Will try to get pictures of me in these items... soon.    These were inexpensive ways to update my summer wardrobe. 

One of my favourite things about summer is hats.  I have pale pasty skin, that rashes before it even thinks about burning in the sun. So a hat is a necessary part of my summer apparel.  Finding that super cute, doesn't make me look like an American Tourist in London hat is a challenge.   I […]

Continuing with Tuesday's accessory theme, I thought I'd share some pix of some other accessories I recently bought.  For those that follow my blog regularly you know I have a shopping list of things I could use.  New jewelry was on that list.   Cheap & Cheerful Bangles... H&M I'm late to the Joe Fresh "following".  […]

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