In honour of Prince's concert in Vancouver tonight I am re-posting a Fashion Flashback Friday from 2010.  A Flashback to a Fashion Flashback or something like that.  Anyways, I'm jealous of all who have tix for tonight's concert.  Anyone who wants to join an impromptu Prince dance party at my house tonight let me know.  […]

May 10th is National Denim Day, one of Canada's largest single day fundraisers for breast cancer.   Cure Foundation is encouraging everyone to wear their jeans to work to bring awareness (and raise funds) to help fight breast cancer.   The idea is wear your jeans to work on the Tuesday after Mother's Day, donate $5 and […]

When I think big shoulders, long sleeve, sequined gowns I think about Dynasty.   The ultimate in 1980s luxury and sequins. Powered by their shoulder pads these women fought each other for power and their men.  Krystle Carrington (the sweet one with the great left hook) was so well known for the long sleeve, shoulder pad, […]

A few weeks ago I did a Fashion Flashback Friday to Pretty in Pink.  As I wrote the post I also found out that Molly Ringwald just published "Getting the Pretty Back".  I was excited to hear that this star of my teenage years, who was now also 42, had written a book about "Friendship, Family, […]

With exception of a certain pink dress I really liked the retro and vintage clothes that Molly Ringwald wore in Pretty in Pink.   But truth be told Annie Potts and Duckie were my true fashion heroes of this movie.   Thankfully, other than trying a duck tale for a while, I never tried to work Duckie's look.   Jon Cryer was on my […]

So last week I posted a picture of myself wearing a LARGE pop Swatch (I was at the Opera in Odessa Ukraine).  In the early 90s I was obsessed with Pop Swatches.  I was lucky in my first real job to get a chance to travel to Europe on business annually, and I'd get a new […]

Remember shoulder pads!  We wore them in everything in the 80s. And I'm not just talking about those big square shoulder padded blazers.  I'm talking about everything. I wore them in t-shirts.  If they didn't come in something I put in my own (I'd tuck them into my bra straps so they'd stay put).  My rationale […]

When I was in grade 12 and 13 I practically lived in my Club Monaco Jodhpurs.  Complete with what I call thigh fillets.   No way could I try to wear those pants today.   Mostly because I just don't have the figure for them anymore, and also because I'd rather not have my thighs be the centre […]

THEY say that if you wore it the first time around, don't wear the second.   Never quite sure who THEY are, but I never thought this would apply to me... was something my mother or mother-in-law needed to keep in mind.  Then I became old enough to be "Vintage" and fashion from the 1980's came back into style.     […]

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