This blog was founded and is edited by Tracey Rossignol.   I am located in the beautiful Vancouver, BC.

I am PR friendly and accept paid advertising and sponsorships.  Contact me for more information.  .... tracey @

 Social Media

Like many women today I have several layers to my personality.  My twitter life is the same...

  •  My fashion personality tweets at @fashion_frwd40
  • I tweet about motherhood, marketing, books and general girl talk at @tjrossignol

Like many other style bloggers I am also rather addicted to Pinterest. Feel free to follow some of my fashion boards there.

If we have met or done business together you can find me on LinkedIn .  I am also on facebook, but this is the space that I keep for the people I know well in real life, are related to me or that have first hand knowledge of my big 80s hair.

Me Grade 12 - bang height alert!


The opinions in this blog are mine because that is what I think not what I've been paid to say.   If I review a product it is because I have tried it and loved or hated it.  If I am given something for free that fact will stated up front.   I am PR Friendly.  I currently do appropriate contests at no charge.   Advertising and sponsorships are also available, and are clearly and easily identified as such.