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I have been on the hunt for a good dry shampoo for the last couple of years. I used to wash my hair everyday, but that was hard on my hair (and my scalp). So my routine is now every 3rd day. My hair and scalp both seem happier with the change. But it does […]

Last Thursday I had a busy work day with several meetings and then an after work blogger event. The Parent Bloggers Unite event was scheduled at a mall, but was not a fashion related event. So I was a bit nervous that my professional attire might make me overdressed. So I added a jean jacket to […]

I was lucky to capture this great shot with one of my favourite local designers, Wendy Van Risen, from Dahlia Drive at Eco Fashion Week. I did a profile on Dahlia Drive a couple of years back and was thrilled to see she was showing again at Eco Fashion Week. Unfortunately I didn't get to […]

I did a fair amount of shopping this fall, most of it at late summer sales. But my closet feels like it might be overflowing just a bit - you can see why by the list of new items below. I have decided I don't really need anything (well almost anything) new for my wardrobe. So […]

We had a glorious Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. I got to spend some quality time with my two favourite guys, enjoy some yummy food and spend a few hours outside enjoying the beautiful country in which I live. I also got to get reacquainted with some old friends... my Blundstones. I bought these back in […]

The rains have begun, which on the wet coast only means one thing - winter is coming! No giant wall of ice holding back the threat of the evil walking dead here (sorry been dying to use that Game of Thrones reference). Nope! Just dry itchy flaky winter skin. I have sensitive skin. And so […]

I haven't done an Eco-Wednesday post in a while. So I thought I might do an update on quest to find an eco-friendly, aka non toxic, deodorant that works. Last May I reported that I had finally found success in the form of Rocky Mountain Botanicals All-Natural Deodorant. But that deodorant had not been through […]

I hope all my Canadian friends are enjoying this Canada Day Long weekend. For those experiencing the heat wave stay cool. And if that isn't possible then keep the cold beverages coming (preferably with an umbrella in it). Nicole Bridger held a warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I came home with this great silk […]

Before I begin lets remember that leggings are NOT pants. With that said...Leggings are a great item in many women's closets. As a mother to a very busy 5 year old, there are several practical reasons why I love leggings. They are great under a skirt for trips to the park. They are great under […]

Last summer I shared my goal to go more eco-friendly with my day-to-day beauty products.  While I continue to enjoy the DIY shampoo/conditioner which I wrote about, I have struggled with the deodorant. Until now. I tried deodorant crystals (and spray versions of the same). I tried a long lasting 7 day deodorant that my Mom […]

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