A year ago today, I posted this about my Show Conundrum.    I needed new dressy black shoes for a gala and I had purchased two different pairs.  I needed help deciding which to keep, as I couldn't afford to keep both. Many of you suggested I throw caution to the wind and buy both. Which in the […]

Sometimes style is about more than just our clothes. Sometimes it also includes our toys.   Tech toys can be practical, convenient and yes - stylish. I recently came to be the owner of a lovely 7" android tablet. I would never have thought that I'd want or need a small tablet.  We had been considering replacing our […]


This was a momentousepisode in our house. This was the first EVER episode my mother had ever seen.   As I mentioned in an earlier blog my mom is visiting from the mid west.  She loves shopping and fashion. I figured it was a given she would want to watch WNTW with me.  Except she had […]

Following my trend of posting my review the day of the next episode.   But hey I could be known for much worse things in life. This was such a fun episode to watch.   I think it might actually be my favourite episode ever.   I loved that they understood Noel and never tried to make her […]

Really don't know what what I was thinking telling everyone I'd run a What Not to Wear Review last week - when I was organizing a big event early Saturday morning.  So after a great event and a couple of days to veg out, I'm ready to write my review. Hey it only took me […]

I will be honest. I haven't quite forgiven TLC for moving What Not to Wear to Tuesday nights.   There is nothing nicer after a long busy week than to plunk down on the couch for some friday fashion candy. But it hasn't stopped me from getting my fix of Stacy and Clinton.  I just PVR […]


I have to admit I get a lot of email in my email box everyday. And a lot of that mail was from daily deal emails. And while I love getting a great deal for something I need, the email was overwhelming. Back in April I was introduced to It aggregates all the local […]

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