I hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous holiday. I am enjoying some well deserved downtime with my family. What I love most about a holiday is the chance to do some reading. I finally downloaded the library reading app onto my phone this year. I have what a large phone (Samsung Note) which is a decent size […]


I love reading!! I love all types of books. But I have a particular love for memoirs and biographies. Real life stories are often so much more interesting than those that comes from someone's imagination.  In the case  of North of Normal, it is made all the more interesting to me as I know the […]

I love reading. My Grandmother loved reading. My Mother loves reading. So as we head into this Mother's Day weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to review a lovely book I recently finished. I particularly love reading biographies that tell a woman's story. So The Finding 40 Project was a perfect fit for me. […]

I recently finished reading Jian Gomeshi's memoir 1982. For my non-Canadian readers, Jian is the radio host of a national daily cultural affairs program Q on CBC Radio One. He is well known for his well researched interviews and he has won international awards for his skill as an interviewer and talk show host. He is also a former […]

In the fall I was sent the Cherlyn Skincare System to try.  I was hesitant at first.  I have very fair and sensitive skin. Am allergic to a lot of scents.  Am allergic to the sun and need to regularly wear SPF on my face.  And I am becoming very watchful of the toxic ingredients in my cosmetics.    But […]

I have always been a lover of food.  From vegetables to dessert I have never been fussy.  I was the kid my friend's parents loved because I would finish my vegetables and then the vegetables left on their kids plates.   And I love trying new things. As I entered my 40s I started becoming a […]

I don't like to talk sizes much, because they change so much from brand to brand (and sometimes drastically even within the same brand). I wear the clothes that fit my body and my style.  The specific size doesn't really matter.  But for this post it makes sense for me to tell you that I generally wear around a […]

Back in the 80s I wore a lot of neon and bright colours. My favourite was  hot pink.  But I also owned and wore a lot of salmon coloured pieces.  So I was a bit hesitant this spring when that bright salmon colour came back into style.  The question was could I wear a bright […]

A very long, long, long March ended with a much needed night out with the girls - a little something Alexis Hinde and I like to call Vancouver Mum's Night Out.  A casual together, hosted at Lunapads, with a little wine and some nibbles.  It was an opportunity to dress up a bit and see the […]

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall on Blu-ray, in Celebration of its 25th Anniversary Review and Giveaway 25 years ago in the fall of 1986 I entered my last year of high school, being from Ontario that was the now defunct Grade 13. That same fall Rick Hansen traveled through Ontario […]

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