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When my mother came to visit earlier this spring  we glammed it up for a Modern Glam Experience with Photobin Photography. Tobin and his wife Sarah gave us such a great experience. Hair, make up and some lovely memories on film. I appreciate and accept my beauty, with or without make-up, but there is something so […]


Taking a look back at 2013 I am surprised by my most popular posts of the year. Honestly what was surprising was that many of my top posts were from past years - not 2013. But since I am just looking back at 2013, I will list only the top 10 popular posts written and […]

In high school I was a bit of drama geek and hung out with a sort of New Wave crowd.  There was another drama geek that I knew, Nicole Oliver, who hung out with a more preppy crowd.  We were both head strong, ambitious, smart and more than a bit Type A. When we first met I had hair held […]

I am featured over on The Thirties Grind as this week's "REAL" Real Housewife of Vancouver.  Melissa deservedly won the Top Vancouver Mom Blogger award from in 2012. Her blog is outspoken about life in Vancouver and our real estate prices. Recently she started profiling Vancouver women in the REAL Real Housewives of Vancouver. I […]

When I started this blog three years ago I couldn't imagine the new friends I would make. In the beginning it was my  mom, relatives and friends who I could blackmail that commented on my posts. Then I started to see new people. Real people. People who didn't have to comment. One of those people […]

Last week, as I have previously blogged, I attended the Leading Moms conference.  I'd describe the event like a mini Ted hosted by and for Moms.  We have a wide variety of inspirational Moms in a mix of performance, video and talks.   I wrote down small nuggets of truth from several presentations, but I was […]

I am bringing back my Real Women series, with a few tweaks.  Instead of just talking fashion I’m going to ask some inspiring, interesting and beautiful women some “life after 40” questions, with a bit of fashion thrown in for fun.  The topics will include a wide range of relevant life topics as we progress […]

Back to my theme of locals that I love this fall. Nicole Bridger has been a favorite of mine for some time. She designs socially conscious and versatile clothing. She is usually THE draw for me each season at Eco Fashion Week. But Nicole also hosts a smaller fashion show, with her some of her […]

The title is a bit misleading because we didn't actually drive a car, but we did crawl all over one. In a few short weeks I'll be driving to San Diego for BlogHer '11 with Karen, Alexis and Nicole.  Since we are going to spend a lot of time in a Chevrolet Traverse we thought […]

Last month I was invited to a fashion show at the new eco-friendly Nicole Bridger store on West 4th. But my little guy was sick so I wasn't able to make it. Thankfully they made a video of the event. My regular readers know how much I like Nicole's sustainable designs. But I also love […]

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