Back in 2010 I posted this Survey about Ironing. As a salute to Labour Day weekend, and my rediscovery of my iron , I am going to re-post.  How do you iron? -------- Last summer I undertook a rather large sewing project with a friend.  I left my iron and ironing board at her place […]


For those of us that go into an office or have regular client meetings on Fridays... do you participate in Casual Friday?  If yes, what do you define as appropriate? I got an interesting press release from Plum this week with some results of their customer's opinions on Casual Fridays.  Before I spill the beans […]

Last week my son was sick, so it is logical that I spent all this week sick.  So I haven't had the brain power (head to full of... well you can imagine) to write any posts. But I'm tired of seeing my silly Iggy Pop post from last weekend. So here is a video done […]

I started Fashion Forward 40 one year ago in January 2010.  A year in and I'd love to get some feedback on what you enjoy, what you'd like more of and what you'd be happy to see less of.  I'd also like to learn a bit more about you.  So I've put together a little […]


In the last few weeks I've shopped vintage, a grocery store label and major chain stores.  Since starting this blog I have broadened my horizons for where I shop. In the past shopping was much less strategic.  The one area that still alludes me though is online shopping.  Don't get me wrong I browse online endlessly. But I […]

My girlfriend Gwen  aka @leftcoastmama recently wrote a blog post about how she dislikes her body image.  She started her post " I really wish I felt better about how I look and what type of body I have.  I try really hard to be positive about how I look, but some times it is a very hard […]

I have a weakness for dresses.  Other than shoes, I find dresses are the easiest way to feel sexy, confident and stylish.  Here are the top 5 reasons why... One piece - throw it on and go.  My BFF's outfit of choice in the summer while chasing her 3 kids is a summer dress.  It looks stylish, […]


Back in 1999 when I moved out to Vancouver I had a client that required we wear pagers (yup back in the stone age when pagers were the "quickly fading" thing).  It was also handy to tell the time.  Since then I find I rarely wear a watch.  I will get excited about a new […]


As my head slowly filled with data, stats, strategies and information about eco fashion last week I wondered if I was alone in my confusion. I consider myself a fairly educated person when it comes to sustainability.  But realized quickly that I really know very little.  And have really done little to consider my fashion shopping […]


Last year one of my most stylish friends send me an invitation to a home jewelery show.  I was surprised as I thought of jewelry home shows a bit conservative. I had attended several Fifth Avenue shows in the 90s, even hosting one.   But my girlfriend  raved about Stella & Dot. Unfortunately  I wasn't able to […]

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