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I rarely quote Hollywood on sage advise on getting older. But I love this particular one from Cameron Diaz. Aging is living. Cameron Diaz It is wise in so many ways.  It is a positive thought and frames aging as an opportunity to live your life. People spend too much energy whining about aging. We need […]


There was a flurry of social media and online chatter after the Grammy awards about Madonna and Annie Lennox. Both are iconic artists. But the conversation was around who was aging better. And more specifically how Madonna isn't doing it right. Initially, my thoughts were in agreement... Yes, Annie Lennox looked very classy. And Madonna. Not […]


Last spring there was a lovely event in Vancouver called G Day for Girls. It had some great speakers, experiential groups, and artists all geared at helping girls ages 10-12 as they transition into adolescence. Looking at the agenda for the day, I was jealous that there wasn't something like that for me and other adult […]


When my mother came to visit earlier this spring  we glammed it up for a Modern Glam Experience with Photobin Photography. Tobin and his wife Sarah gave us such a great experience. Hair, make up and some lovely memories on film. I appreciate and accept my beauty, with or without make-up, but there is something so […]


Stealing a page from my friend Amanda's blog and doing a Self Portrait Thursday... This was taken sitting beside a fire in my backyard at our Annual Fall Wiener Roast night. Nothing like an up close and personal shot to help you really appreciate your own beauty - every freckle and wrinkle of it. My […]

...are you offending other people? I wrote this post a few weeks ago and then put it aside not sure if I should publish it. Then my friend Gwen made a comment on another post saying a very similar thing. So I decided to put on my grown up panties and post it in hopes […]

Do you have a friend who is so lovely and beautiful, but no matter what you do she just can't see it?  You compliment her and she makes excuses. Or jokes.  Or she says things about how "if only" she lost 10 lbs.   While shopping you suggest she try on an outfit perfect for her shape and style.  She […]

Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to do something we rarely get to do anymore - see a movie - in a theatre.  With a 5 year old at home getting out to a movie is a rare occasion.  Luckily he was invited to a private screening of Skyfall, at a time when we had childcare […]

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