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A little Throwback Thursday (tbt) to brighten up a stormy Thursday in Vancouver. This Toni Basil video takes me back to Grade 9 and my first high school dance. It still makes me want to dance. Every. Single. Time. With a vaudevillian performer mother and an orchestra conductor father, it is likely that Toni was born performing. But […]


Some things should NEVER come into style in the first place. Let alone a second time around. I feel this way about the high cut bodysuit. Think back to the 1980s during the aerobics craze. Jane Fonda wore those crazy high cut bodysuits. Many others followed, although most regular folks worn over a unitard while […]


I recently finished reading Jian Gomeshi's memoir 1982. For my non-Canadian readers, Jian is the radio host of a national daily cultural affairs program Q on CBC Radio One. He is well known for his well researched interviews and he has won international awards for his skill as an interviewer and talk show host. He is also a former […]

In high school I was a bit of drama geek and hung out with a sort of New Wave crowd.  There was another drama geek that I knew, Nicole Oliver, who hung out with a more preppy crowd.  We were both head strong, ambitious, smart and more than a bit Type A. When we first met I had hair held […]

I had an interesting conversation at a marketing lunch yesterday with a couple of women on the definition of a "Senior".  In my mind 65 was always the magic age that somehow made you a senior.   Or people who had started to slow down in preparation of retirement or had retired.  But with people working and living longer the […]

They just announced Madonna will be coming to Vancouver.  Tickets go on sale Monday. I have already emailed my hubbie the  info... a Valentine's Day hint.  Madonna has always been someone people either love or hate.   40+Style blogged a great piece this week about Madonna and How We are Supposed to Age.  Give it a […]

I spent last night scouring old 1990s photos looking for shots of me wearing my dark green Dr Martens.  I didn't find any good photos, but I had a great trip down memory lane.  Note, I said no good photos.  I found a few shots from a vacation I took with a friend down to […]

In honour of Prince's concert in Vancouver tonight I am re-posting a Fashion Flashback Friday from 2010.  A Flashback to a Fashion Flashback or something like that.  Anyways, I'm jealous of all who have tix for tonight's concert.  Anyone who wants to join an impromptu Prince dance party at my house tonight let me know.  […]

I'm going to attempt a theme this week and feature a number of great fall items from local Vancouver designers.  I know everyone else has been talking fall trends for weeks already. While September might be back-to-school, I don't really start pulling out my fall/winter wardrobe until after Thanksgiving.   And then there was that week of […]

I'm not sure why but last Friday I felt a bit like a Charlie perfume ad.  For those of us of a certain age we remember Shelley Hack, before she became an angel, as the model in the Charlie perfume ads.  There were apparently other women who did Charlie ads, but I always think of […]

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