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I haven't done an outfit post in a while. Haven't done a Chic Casual Friday post in a while. Haven't shown off my new Nicole Bridger blazer. So tada! All 3 in one. Nicole Bridger had a warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I picked up this lovely lined gray blazer. I often find blazers […]


Last fall I did a full closet clean, trying to reduce a moth problem. As part of this project, I started to store a few of my sweaters in lovely boxes. I realized as I put this lovely Eileen Fisher sweater on, that it needs to hang. On this particular Friday, I was in a […]


I thought it was about time I posted a Chic Casual Friday outfit again. As mentioned in my Nothing New November post, I bought a great coat at the Jacqueline Conoir Sale in August. It has been my go-to fall coat. And while I am wearing it on a Sunday in the photos below, it […]

I will be honest, I didn't wear this outfit on a Friday. I wore it on a Wednesday. A busy Wednesday that included going straight from the office to my son's school where I knew I would be sitting in those tiny little people chairs.  So I wanted to be comfortable. I would probably consider […]


I have received a couple of messages from people saying they are enjoying this Chic Casual Friday series. That is great to hear. But I will admit I struggle for inspiration for chic casual outfits that will fit in a business casual workplace. Especially on the even more casual Fridays. I am hoping to gain […]

As we start to move into fall I thought I would add a bright pop of colour to my Chic Casual Friday. This fuschia Nygard blazer and yellow shoes seemed to do the trick. For some reason I also thought some pattern mixing wouldn't be too over the top. In the end I like it. What […]

How do you stay chic on Casual Friday in a Business Casual World? Casual Friday is a product of a time when professional office dress code was the norm and dressing more "casual" on Fridays was a bit of a novelty. Some called it jeans day. Today many offices are business casual all the days of the week. […]

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