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Fashion Forward 40 is PR Friendly.   This is a personal style blog about my mis-adventures in fashion after 40.  I am a mom, but do not post parenting related content.  I love to talk style, accessories,  shoes, fashion/style books, eco-fashion, upcoming trends, technology and events, etc.

My readers are highly educated women over the age of 30 living across Canada and the US.     They are smart busy women, balancing careers/businesses, families, their health, beauty and style.  They don't have the time or the funds to spend on fashion that they did in their 20s.  They relate to the real life experiences of a woman in her 40s.   They read this blog for style, lifestyle information and perhaps a giggle or two at my expense.

Editorial Calendar

As noted above my focus is style, with a touch of humour. I share the things that I love and that inspire me including: profiles of real women; outfits I have worn; 40+ celebrities on the red carpet;  working current trends; accessories; and things that I did the first time and I might just consider doing again... never say never!

My editorial is based on my own experiences and/or opinions, and I maintain control of all content.   In addition to fashion I also write, from time to time, about other lifestyle topics such as food, books, movies, effects of aging, healthy living and beauty.  I do not write about weight loss specific products,  age-reversing beauty products or plastic surgery.

This blog is about accepting who we are and embracing it.  Not changing it.

Note that I am located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

At this time, I do not write about Kickstarter campaigns.

Regular categories

  • Eco-Friendly – Sustainable fashion and beauty is a complex issue and can be very overwhelming.  A couple of times a month I post tips, ideas, profiles of designers, experiences as I learn to reduce my fashion carbon footprint.
  • Fashion Follow Friday – An idea “borrowed” from twitter. Some of my favourite blogs and tweets.  Every so often I like to share with everyone why someone is in my blogroll.
  • Fashion Flashback Friday – Reinterpreting trends the 2nd (or 3rd) time around. Should you or shouldn’t you do it again?
  • Real Life Women – There is inspiring fashion around us everyday. Worn by women we see everyday.  How do they define their style? What are their secrets? Do they have a strategy?
  • What I Wore - This one is pretty self explanatory...


I am open to product reviews.  Product reviews will only be done if a sample has been provided (samples will not be returned unless arranged in advance).   The product or service must be available to my Canadian readers.  All the better if it is available in both the US and Canada. All reviews will be my own opinions based on my personal experience with your product.   I do not guarantee that I will post a review of a product.  Or that the review will be positive.  I do not accept paid reviews.

Note for any clothing reviews I am not a sample size.  So I cannot review products that do not fit me.  I am a size 14-16/XL and 8.5 shoe.

For Beauty product reviews please be aware that I am a strong proponent of reducing the chemicals in our basic beauty products. I compare ingredients to those found in David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen (12 ingredients to avoid in cosmetics), and to the EWG's Skin Deep data base and include results in my review.


At this time I will post relevant contests at no charge.   My readers love the occassional contest for events, beauty products, books, dinner out, movies, etc.    I  do not do contest fulfillment.  Note I have a strong mix of US and Canadian readers and prefer to run contests open to residents of both countries.


I'm not a fashion expert.  Just an average woman over 40 who writes about her own personal experiences in fashion.  I'm happy to be contacted for interviews on that topic.

Finally, my readers follow me through a variety of means, including RSS feeds, Bloglovin or Feedburner email update.  I never sell or spam  my subscriber list.


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