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I'm a 40 something former fashionista. Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on my shoe collection and my walk in closet would make her drool. I love to spend leisurely Saturday afternoons checking out all the finest boutiques, where like Cheers they know me by name. I have lots of time to spend shopping, organizing my closet and getting ready to present myself because I have a small army of people helping me. Gravity seems to have skipped me and I look just as good as I did when I was 18 so finding fashionable stylish clothes is easy....

...ok time to wake up from my recurring Sex and the City Dream!

At least the first part of that paragraph is true.  I'm a 40 something former fashionista.  I used to live by fashion - of course that was in the 80s where I went from preppy multi-layered Lacoste polo shirts to New wave with vintage men's shirts and blue hair.  I skipped grunge through University choosing to match my big hair with jeans, a great belt and some sort of black top (usually a turtle neck).  Then came the 90's where I lived the Toronto single advertising aka Melrose Place, with longer skirts, life with my perfect Demi Moore Ghost hair.

Today I still love following fashion and trying to make an effort.  BUT it is hard enough  to balance life between work, husband, 5 year old son, friends, family and sleep - some days it feels a luxury to have a shower.   And lets not forget that ever-present gravity which must remind me that while I feel 18 inside - I'm NOT.    So it is hard to think about whether you look good too.

Why this blog?   

Reason #1 - I still LOVE fashion and more than that I LOVE to dress up and feel put together.  My personality is unique so why shouldn't my dress reflect that personality.  At 47  I'm not trying to be someone else anymore.  I'm very comfortable with who I am.  I just want my outer dress and appearance to reflect the interesting woman I am inside.

In essence I have the passion, but not the time, budget or body I had in my youth.   But I'm determined to rediscover my sense style - without the big hair.

Reason #2 -  It feels like the rest of the fashion world is ready to ignore us ladies of a certain age.  You don't have to be young or skinny to enjoy fashion!

Reason #3 - I refuse to believe I'm alone in this.

Reason #4 - Fashion can take itself too seriously and I want to give my take with my unique sense of humour.

Reason #5 - I want to share the things that I love and that inspire me including: profiles of real women I know; women I meet;  celebrities;  hot trends; accessories; and things that I did the first time and I might just consider doing again... never say never!

This blog is about my mis-adventures in rediscovering my style after 40.    Follow to see how I balance my love of fashion, the needs of real life and gravity.


Disclosure   The opinions in this blog are mine because that is what I think not what I've been paid to say.   If I review a product it is because I have tried it and loved or hated it.  If I am given something for free that fact will clearly disclosed.   I am PR Friendly.   Advertising and sponsorships are available, and are clearly and easily identified as such.  I may include affiliate links in my posts, in those cases I will include a disclosure indicating that is the case.

Oh and in the spirit of full disclosure my shoe closet is pretty drool worthy.