I rarely quote Hollywood on sage advise on getting older. But I love this particular one from Cameron Diaz.

Aging is living.

Cameron Diaz

It is wise in so many ways.  It is a positive thought and frames aging as an opportunity to live your life. People spend too much energy whining about aging. We need to stop seeing people as having failed, or are lesser than others, in someway because they got older. I could rant for days...

The short story is that aging is far superior to the alternative. Many do not get the chance to age. Embrace every day as an opportunity and not something to complain about.

I haven't yet read Cameron's The Longevity Book yet. But it is on my list. If you have read it please chime in on whether it is worthwhile... or if this quote is the best bit.

I have loved Cameron's professional work for years. She is just the right amount of quirky and doesn't appear to take herself too seriously. Or maybe I am just a Charlie's Angels fan.

You can also see Cameron's great make-up free selfies in People magazine.