This is the time of year I start to empathize with snakes that get to shed their skin – because they get to shed their dry skin all in one go. Whereas I seem to leave a trail of dry skin everywhere I go from November through to March (if I am lucky). My body complains as loudly as it can that it HATES our Canadian winters. Living in Vancouver I know I don’t have it that bad. But my skin has forgotten about those many long dry Saskatchewan winters so it complains!!! Until I spend the Christmas in dry Alberta of course, then it takes its’ complaints up a notch. This means my skin is pretty annoyed with me right about now. And it shows it by being dry, itchy and shedding. Have I mentioned the shedding? It is Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) Breakfast Club snow art kind of dry skin shedding. And yes I know. TMI.

To make it worse my skin is also very sensitive and rashes very easily. Strong perfumes make me sneeze. And I hate products that leave me feeling greasy. So I need some good advice on what products to use.

Shoppers Drug Mart Winter Skin Products

So how do I prevent those parts from itching and shedding dry skin everywhere? Where do I start? What does my skin need?

Shoppers Drug Mart not only has a wide selection of skin care products for my winter skin, but they also offer in-store complimentary skin care consultations using the beautyRx tool. The Skin Analysis will check your skin hydration levels through the Moisture Checker, and magnify your skin’s surface by 30 times to help diagnose your skin type using the Video Microscope. This helps their Beauty Experts recommend the right products for my skin.

The product that is currently screaming speaking to my unhappy winter skin is Dr. Roebuck’s Pure.

Dr RoebuckGÇÖs Pure

Dr Roebuck’s Pure is a very gentle daily moisturizer especially for problem and sensitive skin.  It hydrates and increases elasticity of your skin – always a bonus for the 40+ crowd. Those that read this blog also know that I carefully review the ingredients for any product I use. The good news is Dr Roebuck’s is Fragrance, Paraben, BPA, TEA/DEA, and Sulphate Free. That is a lot of FREE. And very happy winter skin.

So my plan is to head to Shoppers Drug Mart to check out all their winter skin products and receive my complimentary beautyRx Skin Analysis. I won’t forget my Shoppers Optimum Card because I can get Shoppers Optimum Points on participating skin care products. Shoppers_drug_mart_Logo

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Shoppers Drug Mart.