A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my first top knot on twitter. I was hesitant at first, as I wondered if I was too old for this style. But I reminded myself that I think it is more important to dress for the occasion and not my age. And I decided this was something I could pull off for a variety of occasions. I love the style for this hot dry summer we have had in Vancouver. It gets the hair off my neck, shows off my grey streaks, and makes me feel taller. It also makes me feel more dressed-up when I wear my hair up with casual clothes. Having lived too many years of my life with the perfect ballet bun (and a mesh bun donut to help me get it that way), I have embraced the messy top knot. Thank you YouTube and the glut of top knot videos for figuring out to make this work for my shoulder length hair. This version requires 2 elastics and a couple of pins. Pretty low maintenance all things considered, especially since imperfection is part of the ideal top knot. This past weekend, at a poolside birthday party, I finally got a picture that shows it off.

The party was a lot of fun, throw by my friend (and best-selling author) Cea Person, for her husband. IMG_9679 It was hot so I wore the coolest dress I own, a lovely silk dress by Nicole Bridger. I added a statement necklace from Plum for a bit of added colour (and distraction from the sweat stains). I wore my sea green Fly London wedge sandals. Which were practical when wandering around near a pool all night.

So what do you think? Does it work? Have you tried a top knot? My next goal is perfect imperfect low side bun. Might need another inch of hair to make that one "shine".

Thanks to Cea's friend Wendy who took the pictures.