Love it when my footwear selection happens to fit right in with the Italian floor tiles. Fluevog booties seen here at the European influenced new Corbeaux Bakehouse in Calgary.


The booties were a fun addition to my tunic and polka dot blouse.

The tunic was a great choice as it left lots of room for food - better looking than elastic waist pants any day! And we ate a LOT of food at this special VIP tasting night. Almost everything, including the blue cheese and all their breads, are made in-house.  We came back twice more on our visit. My favourite is a toss up between the Crispy Duck Wings, Roasted Scallops, and the Warm Brioche Donuts with lemon curd (and yes I did lick out the bowl).

I blame the fantastic cocktails to the lack of a good head-to-toe outfit shot. I might have tried several one or two.