On January 14, 2010 I my style blogging adventure. Five years later I am still blogging about my lessons, adventures and evolution in style after 40.

The landscape has changed in 5 years. When I started there were only a handful of 40+ style bloggers. Now I am part of a bustling community of ladies who refuse to become invisible as they age. We come in all sizes and shapes, each with a unique sense of personal style. These ladies rock!

Looking back at my first ever post, "Ready to Start My Adventure" I have some of the same goals for this blog: share my misadventures in style after 40; feature profiles of some awesome real women; reinterpret trends the 2nd time around; conduct some fun polls; and assess runway trends. Along the way I also added my keen interest in eco fashion AND owning our beauty into the mix.

According to my wordpress stats, the following are my top most visited posts in the past five years:

  1.  Strike a Pose, February 2011. Synposis of the 8th Annual Women's Tea for BC Paraplegic Association.
  2. 40ish at the Golden Globe Awards - 2011, January 2011
  3. Fashion Flashback Friday - Pretty in Pink, May 2010: I had a lot of fun with this one, complete with Duckie video.
  4. Traverse Trip: We Arrived, August 2011. One of my posts from my road trip adventure to BlogHer in San Diego.
  5. More Curvy Choices for Vancouver, October 2012.

Personally, some of my favourite posts are:

  1. The Girls - Updated, January 2010.
  2. Eco Fashion Week, Day 1, October 2010. The post itself is not that interesting, but this was the moment my mind was sort of blown around the depth and complexity of sustainable fashion.
  3. Owning My Beauty, October 2011.
  4. What I Know Now Is, June 2012
  5. The Opposite of BlogHer, August 2012
  6. When You Call Yourself Fat, February 2013.
  7. Fashion Flashback Friday - The High Cut Bodysuit, February 2014. Some things should NOT be done again.
  8. Glamming it Up, June 2014.

You will notice there is are no "What I Wore" posts in this list. That was purposeful, as I would have wasted my whole list trying to decide which outfit I liked best.

My life has changed in the past five years. I now sit closer to 50 than 40. My son continues to grow and need my attention in different ways than he did as a toddler. My career is changing and continues to throw some great fun projects my way. My style continues to evolve, as does my perception of myself. What has remained the same is:  I am still a perfectly imperfect person; I am still the most likely to drop food down myself at a party; gravity; and my firm belief that fashion is fun and the hope that I never take myself too seriously.

Thanks for hanging around for my misadventures so far. I hope the next five years are as much fun as the last five.