As we move into the Labour Day long weekend, I feel like I spent this entire summer wandering around on vacation. I didn't of course. I spent the first half of the summer working to a big deadline and finishing a contract. Then I spent a couple of weeks wandering around Ontario from cottage to cottage and city to city with my son.  Because it was a solo parenting trip I have very few photos of myself. But these photos, taken in my friend's lovely garden in Kingston, is a good example of my "wandering" wardrobe for the trip. I took 2 pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, a dress, a bunch of tank tops/t-shirts, a few nicer tops.

  • Tank top - Plum
  • Shorts - Point Zero
  • Sandals - Birkenstocks
  • Hat - not in photo

I didn't wear much jewelry, but on this day, as we were in the city I added a couple of items. It also helped that the friend I was visiting is a Stella and Dot stylist. She was having a sale for her sample items. So I left Kingston in possession of this lovely necklace and bangles (which are orange, white and teal).

I did whip off my hat and take a few selfies on the trip.

Other random photos to give a feel for our trip. There were a lot of cottages!

Finally, the other nice thing about vacations, I wore no make up for a couple of weeks. Since my new glasses kept me from looking washed out (without any eyebrows) I didn't feel the need to wear make-up the entire trip.

I hope everyone enjoys a safe Labour Day Weekend. For those outside BC, good luck getting those kids back to school. For those of us in BC (amidst a teacher's strike), lets hope our kids ARE back in school... soon!