My husband and son headed off on a Beaver Scout's camping trip earlier this month. I was left to my own devices. What did I do? I headed off to the Nicole Bridge warehouse sale of course!

I picked up a great purple dress, a black cardigan, peach t-shirt and some much needed underwear. I had a $100 budget. I went over by about $12, because of the underwear. Which I really needed. And is so very soft and comfortable.

Here is the purple dress, which was $50. It appears rather blue in the pictures, but it is a lovely dark purple.  I see this as something easy to dress up for work or down for the weekend. In this case it is dressed down for a day without my boys.




What else did I do on my solo weekend, besides take pictures with my tripod in the front yard? I went to the movies - twice!! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and Gone Girl. Both were SO good. And not just because I had popcorn for dinner. I also had a lovely brunch with a girlfriend, and did some closet cleansing.

  • Dress: Nicole Bridger
  • Leggings: C'est Moi
  • T-shirt: Jana
  • Scarf: Winner
  • Boots: Camper
  • Leather Jacket: Danier Leather