On a recent National Holiday I pulled out my patriotic colours, in the form of a great red sundress,  threw a maple leaf band around my hat, put on my comfortable shoes and headed off with the crowds to celebrate.

Beyond the colour, you can't get more patriot than wearing a locally designed and manufactured dress.  I actually featured this  WE3  (Twigg and Hottie) dress here as part of my Spring 2013 series.

WE3 Dress

WE3 Dress

I picked it up this red version on clearance earlier this spring. I love the drape in the front. It creates a great line in the front of the dress, and hides a number of middle-aged sins.


The maple leaf scarf I threw around my hat is actually full of little beads, so if you wet it they help keep you cool. The perfect thing to throw around my neck as the day got hotter and hotter.


I suspect this will be my go-to dress this summer. It works great for the office with my trusty jean jacket or a blazer, and dressier shoes.  And it will roll up in my suitcase nicely for my summer vacation.