Sometimes we all need a night out. A girlfriend recently invited me out to a party for her birthday - I was her plus one. It was the first real grown up house party I have been to in a long time. It started with a smaller dinner with friends, and then the house filled with lots of people, drinks and lines up to the bar. Now, this wasn't a keg in the corner surrounded by people doing shots type party. This was champagne in the fridge, paid bartender type of party. The kind you dress up for and DO NOT miss for any amount of snow.

So I pulled out the Jacqueline Conoir dress I bought last summer (on sale) and haven't worn yet. The one that has a big round hole in the back, requiring a strapless bra.

We took the photos just as my girlfriend arrived in the taxi. My husband worried the photos didn't turn out as he had the white balance wrong (he was in a hurry to shoot me before I got to wet or cold + that waiting taxi). But I like the way the colour works, so I didn't correct it.

Party Girl

If I was any better at Photoshop I would have enhanced the red of my shoes to make them pop against the snow.  But alas, I am not.

I dressed down the dress a bit with a jean jacket, layered on some necklaces and bracelets and grabbed a fancy beaded vintage bag.

Party GirlI did attempt a black and white version of the photo though. In part because a photographer I met this week said that Black and White is for when colour fails. Not sure I agree, but more on that later.

The black and white version makes the little bow pin I used to hold my necklaces together almost visible though.

black and white

  • Dress: Jacqueline Conoir
  • Jean Jacket: BCBG (from 1999)
  • Necklace: 2 black necklaces pinned together with black porcelain bow pin by Heyday
  • Bracelets: Layers
  • Purse: Vintage black beaded bag (my Mom bought it in the 60s)
  • Shoes: Fluevog

There was champagne, martinis, conversation and lots of laughs.  But I will admit I was happy to get home at the end of the night and take off that darn strapless bra.

And thanks Nic for letting me celebrate with you on your special day!

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