Over the holidays we spent a few days over on the island. For those who live outside BC, this isn't a tropical island, but a reference to Vancouver Island or Victoria where my Dad lives. I packed a few old favourites into a massive suitcase to leave room to bring back all the Christmas presents my son was expected to receive.

I built the weekend away wardrobe around my black Peridot Kiss sweater, which I have owned since early 2010. This sweater is such a versatile piece that can be worn very casually, on a roadtrip, or as a dress (scroll down to find picture). I wore it as a dress with leggings on Christmas day, with the dress below on Boxing Day and then over cuffed jeans and purple top on the final day.

In the above picture I wore it over a favourite InWear sweater dress (my Dad keeps his house cold).  I have had this dress almost 3 years and continue to find it very versatile - and it hasn't stretched out or pilled at all. Check this post for other ways I have worn it.

The other weekend mainstay was my leggings. When running around after my son leggings are a must. These Diane Kennedy animal print leggings always add a bit of pizazz to an outfit. They featured in one of my most popular 2013 posts as an accessory. I have also mixed them with other patterns for brunch and worn them on lazy long weekends.

The outfit is finished off with my black Camper boots. I have had these boots at least 10 years and they are still marvellous. These were practical for the weekend trip for a walk in the woods and for wondering the city streets looking at the lovely Christmas lights. They can also be seen here is a casual work outfit and here with my new fall coat.

And there is nothing like a lovely walk in the fresh air to capture a great close up of my grey streak. That little blob on the left is my son making faces behind me.


Do you have some old favourites in your closet that are your go-to items when travelling?