Last week I had a free afternoon to try and do a bit of holiday runaround. I did a few errands and visited the Commercial Street Open House. I picked up a few goodies from Lunapads, some for my stocking, some not. And then I visited Trout & Co, where I had a great chat with the staff and was excited to watch the hand leather work.

And apparently I have won a lovely basket of goodies from the Commercial Street stores that were participating. I will post a picture of all the goodies on twitter after I pick it up.

My outfit was about comfort. And then since it wasn't raining (much) I threw on my suede Dr. Marten's. Got to wear them when you can. And they add pizzazz to any outfit.

  • Jeans: Levi's
  • Necklace: Up-cycled from a t-shirt
  • Boots: Dr. Marten's