I have been thinking about fall trends, and reading various articles in magazines and blogs on the topic. I think Sylvia over at 40 + Style does a fantastic job of summing of the trends as they relate to the over 40 set. Go ahead and read it, then come back. I will wait.

Since Sylvia sums up the overall trends so well I am not going to do that here. Instead, I am going to look forward to some of the spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway shows and how they apply to this fall.  I know we are only a few days into a month worth of  spring runway fashion shows to come, but there are some clear trends that look like they are likely to continue from fall into spring. I am not suggesting anyone jump onto spring trends right now. And this is not a list of all the spring trends. Just the current fall trends that appear might last more than one season... or might have you cringing because they should be SO done!

High Low/ Asymmetrical Hems

The skirts are getting longer and there are a lot of tailored pencil style skirts on the fall runway. But there are also a lot of uneven hem lines (on both skirts and tops), whether a version of a mullet, a diagonal cut, or a soft scarf like hem, that will still be around this spring.

Wide Leg Trousers

Don't worry the slim cigarette style pant is still around. But more and more wide leg trousers were seen on the runway. Some are relaxed, others flared, some full on Kathryn Hepburn style wide leg, and others cropped. This is a personal favourite of mine for both my personal style and my figure.

Cut Outs

Cut out details show just a bit of unexpected skin. And they were all over the place this past spring, and also on the Emmy dresses last month. The detail even showed up on shoes for fall. This trend also includes the crop top or cut out mid section. But I am choosing to ignore that part of the trend. lalalalalalalalal the 90s are NOT back lalalalalalala.


Things started getting boxier this year, but as we look to next spring some options are more rounded or sculptured. This is good for those of us with curvier figures as it looks more intentional. Boxy blazers and sweaters can work nicely as a layer item over other thin or slim items. They can also be belted to give them shape.

Pattern Mixing  

This hard to master trend appears it will still going full force through spring. If you aren't comfortable mixing and matching patterns on your own, look to buying pieces that mix the patterns for you. The downside to this, is that once this trend goes, the item will also feel out of date. I suggest playing with mixing a printed accessory with a printed blouse or sweater. Then work your way up from there.


Spring colours are always lighter and more pastel than fall. But it is clear from both the fall and spring 2015 shows that the following colours are going to be around for at least the next year: oxblood; emerald/dark green; a range of reds; gray, royal blue - often paired with black; gray; and black and/or white.

Wish They Were Over!!

  • Sheer. A peak here or there of sheer can make an outfit more interesting, but the half or full sheer skirts with big panties just needs to stop.
  • Jumpsuits. I know these can look really classy when done right. But it is a hard trend to do right. And I have way too many 1970s jumpsuit memories to ever want to wear this again.

As per my usual habit I pinned all sorts of Fall 2014 Ready to Wear Runway shows as they took place last spring. And have added a few images from different articles over the past few weeks. You can view my pin board here. Follow Fashion Forward 40's board fall 2014 on Pinterest.

I will also be pinning favourite outfits from the Spring 2015 runway shows.

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Images: Style.com