For spring break we threw on the snow tires, packed up the car and headed off to Calgary. While there were buds of spring in Vancouver, it was clearly winter in Alberta. It snowed every. single. day. I had packed for warmth with lots of layers, but had expected it to be warmer inside. Alas I seemed to be cold all week. Thankfully I had packed my big, warm Nicole Bridger wool sweater. And my big Bog winter boots. On the other hand I could have left the "spare" shoes at home.

The trip started a bit eventful. We had two stops to make in Hope - food and gas. We forgot the second one. The gas light went on about 20 minutes out of Hope. After some animated discussion we decided to go for it (Hope to Merritt is about a 120 km stretch that has no gas stations). Thankfully we were able to coast down a lot of hills and an hour later blew into Merritt on fumes. The rest of the drive was uneventful, sunny with very little traffic.

Our trip included a couple of days in Canmore, and some skiing in Banff.  I proved my I am still a Canadian by taking a dip in the outdoor pool. I lasted 15 minutes in the lovely water (weird sensation for your body to be warm and floating but your nose to be frozen) before sprinting to the hot tub.

And then some skiing in Banff (Sorry camera phone photos ahead). The lovely Sunshine ski resort lived up to its name on this day.


Gondola selfie. 20140324_164318

Post Ski Outfit, with a beautiful natural backdrop in Banff.




Then it was onto Calgary.  This was my stay in the house and just hang out all day making pasta outfit. Okay, I didn't actually make the pasta. I left that to others, but I did enjoy hanging out around the house (doing some work) and eating the pasta.

I will admit we didn't DO much in Calgary. Mostly just spent time with family. This is in my sister-in-law's lovely front hallway. We had just spent a busy afternoon doing puzzles and visiting. Later that same day there might have been poker with friends.


Another outfit to wear to hang out and play some games. Today it was Settlers of Caton. A new game for me. And I was trapped within the first 5 minutes of the game. At least my girlfriend appreciated my outfit. And the tall socks worn to peak out of my boots.


The driving outfit. I like to be comfortable when spending 12 hours in a car. So I wore leggings with a black dress, scarf, hat and sweater. For the drive home I added another cardigan to the outfit. This was taken halfway home in Salmon Arm (we made a playground stop) when  the green of spring was once again starting to appear. And my allergies were reminding me that spring was indeed on its way.

My suitcase included:

  • 2 pairs of jeans - boyfriend/skinny (both Levi's)
  • leggings - black bamboo (C'est Moi)
  • 2 cardigans- purple/black (both Nicole Bridger)
  • 1 sweater- navy with cherry (Old Navy)
  • jacket - army green safari (Addition Elle)
  • 2 blouses - teal with black dot tie neck/black button down (Plum/Banana Republic)
  • t-shirts - Doctor Who/black & white striped/typewriter/grey & black striped
  • dress - black cowl neck (InWear)
  • 2 scarves - polka dot/striped (Winners/KDon)
  • jewelry - a few bracelets to layer
  • 2 tall socks - teal /navy and purple
  • hat - mustard yellow (Two of Hearts)
  • winter boots - Motorcycle (Bogs)
  • indoor shoes/slippers - flat sparkly Tom's
  • spare shoes - black wedges (Fly London)
  • swimsuit, skiing stuff, PJs, etc

I had 2 items that I didn't need to pack. I had my typewriter t-shirt from Anthropologie and those second pair of shoes. They were completely unnecessary. I wore my sparkly Tom's inside and my Bogs outside. I could have also skipped the 2nd striped t-shirt. But I was glad I threw the navy/cherry long sleeve sweater into my bag at the last minute. I appreciated the extra long sleeve layer.