I had never attended the fluevog sample sale. This year I was free on the sale day so I headed down early Saturday morning to granville street store. I knew most of the samples were size 6 or 7, but they also had 8s and 9s. There was a good sized line going when I arrive a half hour before opening. I had forgotten how interesting Granville Street is on Saturday morning, so I had a lot of fun people watching and making some new friends in line. The friendly staff came through the line with granola bars, juice and some helpful information on the colouring coding for sizes (the size 6 was yellow and 9 blue stickers).

The plan was to try and limit myself to 1 new pair of shoes. The prices were reduced, but the appeal really was getting a Fluevog that nobody else (or very few people) other than me would own. Plus Fluevogs = awesomely fun shoes! I knew in the back of my head I might allow myself a 2nd pair, if they were the right shoes. But by no means could I buy anymore than that...

fluevog sample sale.jpg

Apparently there are some rules at the  Fluevog sample sale. I can only imagine the nasty situations that created the need for such rules. The key one is that the person who has the right shoe has the right to the pair. The sales person described it to me in this sort of way..."So if you have the right and someone else has the left, you can nicely ask them to let you try on the left. If it fits then you are the one who can purchase the shoes." Seemed very civilized to me. Until you have the right and can't find the left anywhere because the person sitting next to you is hiding it - hoping you will give up. This is what happened to the nice lady whom I met in line. We were helping each other make our final selections (and perhaps enabling each other just a bit). In the end she got the shoes - some great purple brogues. But she had to wait the other person out.

I had a different experience. I have only one pair of shoes on my current list. A pair of black ballet flats. They have been impossible to find ones that fit my narrow heel. But ever so practical when you want to look styling while out and about with your 6 year old. Well, I walk into Fluevog and there they are. In my size. At the sample sale. FAB!  Except the left foot is nowhere to be found. I wait. I look under sofas. I look under chairs. I wander around the store. The staff look in back - three times. Finally I went up to the cash to buy my second choice shoes, a pair black strappy sandals. As I lamented the missing black flat, the helpful salesperson enabled encouraged me to try these orange lace-up flats on again. "No they aren't too large. They have no toe box." I was disappointed in the loss of my black flats. So I decided to console myself with these new orange friends. Best. Decision. Ever (or at least this month). They are awesome shoes. And not too big.

Before I left the store, the staff suggested I leave my phone number in case the left flat was found. Not feeling very lucky I left the phone number...


The next while running errands wearing those fab orange shoes I got "the" call. The left shoe was found inside a purse when they were cleaning up. So a few short days later I found myself back in Fluevog buying another pair of shoes.

Good things these shoes are beauties, cause I won't be wearing anything else new for a while - the budget is spent!! Well except for the new cropped pants I picked up at Banana Republic - but those were on a gift certificate left over from my birthday (thanks Carllie the pants look great with all 3 pairs of shoes).

I will also comment on how fantastic and friendly the staff were at Fluevog Granville. My expectations for staff assistance on a busy sale day, with a line up down the block, was blown away. Those people clearly love their jobs!! And their shoes.