I am seeing lots of posts about predictions for trends this spring. Who knows which will come true! Will sheer fabrics take off? Will everyone really be wearing crop tops? Or fringe?  I don't know about any of these (and you aren't likely to find me in any of them).

But I do have 5 predictions for spring that I am 100% sure will come true for this North American spring.

  1. We will lighten up and ditch our heavy winter coat. Replacing it will be a lighter cousin, perhaps a trench, jean or leather jacket.
  2. Our toes will come out to play. No matter whether you go for a pro or home pedicure, I can assure you that with the first sign of spring our toes will jump at the chance to take our spring sandals for a jaunt.
  3. Legs will be bared. I love my bright coloured winter tights, but I am chomping at the bit to ditch them come spring and show off my bare (and pasty white) legs.
  4. We will layer t-shirts and tank tops not sweaters.
  5. Colours will come out to play. The sun is shiny, the snow is melting. Who doesn't feel like pulling some bright and spring colours out of their closet?

What do you predict will happen with your spring wardrobe this year?