In November I committed to buy Nothing New through the monthand possibly through December too. If I could. And I succeeded in not buying anything for my wardrobe through November. My mother did purchase me a Christmas gift in November (that awesome leather moto jacket), which arrived in early December. But I did not purchase it. So that was not cheating.

In fact I made it until December 14th, when I attended the annual Shiny Fuzzy Muddy show at Heritage Hall. There I purchased a lovely leather cuff from A Trace of Grey for my Christmas stocking on behalf of my husband Santa. Santa really does have great taste doesn't he?

So that isn't really cheating. Is it?

A Trace of Grey

I believe the designers might be the same that designed this awesome cuff I worn in this Mother's Day post from 2012. I had picked up that fabulous leather piece at Portobello West market, and then lost the card.

I find December a hard month not to shop for myself. First I am in the stores doing Christmas shopping. And I am a sucker for cute shiny things. Plus there are sales. The Boxing Day ones in particular. Last year I succumbed at the Fluevog Boxing Day sale.

This I purchased nothing, except for the above stocking item, for my wardrobe. I spent quite a bit of time in Fluevog trying to find a pair on sale that I both loved, and felt I needed. In the end I came home with nothing. To many it doesn't sound like much. But for a slowly reforming shopaholic, and a full on lover of Fluevog, that is a big deal.