I am not a maker of New Year's Resolutions. It seems unrealistic to make a sudden change to your life because it is a new year on the calendar. I remember a high school English literature teacher once saying that characters only change when there is motivation to change. I imagine this is the same with real people. And over indulging over the holiday season is not usually a good motivation to make long-term change. Or a date on a calendar.

So last year I went about my usual Bah Humbug feeling about resolutions and made none. But then as we entered into 2013 I decided to make a change. I picked a small thing, something I had not done well for most of my life, but something that required re-wiring my morning routine. Something my mother nagged me to do as long as I can remember. In short I had to teach this old dog a new trick.

I am now happy to report that almost a year later I am still at it. I now make my bed!

Now I know you are saying "really", "is that it"? But it is a big deal for me and meant creating a new morning habit. I am pretty proud of my one small change.

I am the first to admit it would NOT meet a Martha Stewart inspection. The corners are not hospital (although I do know how to do that and my guest room bed always has hospital corners). And I only make my half of the bed. But the duvet is straight, the pretty pillows are on the bed and my PJs are tucked under the back pillow.

It was good enough that when my Mom recently visited and walked into my room she exclaimed "you made your bed". Nothing like the positive reaction from a parent to reinforce a positive change - even if it took until I was 46 to happen.

So for 2014, I think I am going to work on moisturizing my face before bed each night. Go big or go home I say!

Happy New Year!