When my mother came to visit earlier this spring  we glammed it up for a Modern Glam Experience with Photobin Photography. Tobin and his wife Sarah gave us such a great experience. Hair, make up and some lovely memories on film.

I appreciate and accept my beauty, with or without make-up, but there is something so glamorous and fun about getting all dolled up once in a while.

We arrived for our day make-up free with enough clothes and accessories  for a week long get-away.  My mom didn't want me to post her "before" picture, but I am happy to share my arrival picture and some in-progress shots as well.  Sarah did our hair and make-up - complete with fake eyelashes. The day was a lot of laughs and both my mother and I felt very glam.

Tobin doesn't do any re-touching, and he loves to play/work with the natural light. His studio has tons of it, so we had lots of fun experimenting with our poses. None of the images below have been altered, and show that any woman can look like a with model, at any age, with the right professionals providing make-up, hair, lighting and photography.

My casual looks.

My more glam outfits.

My Mom... I keep telling her she should model when she retires.

The required mother-daughter photos.

glamming it up

Glamming it up

The result was a great day with my Mom, and some photographic memories that we can pass down through the generations... And some great new LinkedIn avatars.

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Note: I won the session at a Digitally Yours event in March. But while the session was free, my mother and I paid for the shots that we loved.