Today, January 4th, is the 4th anniversary of Fashion Forward 40. Looking back on that first post I will admit my idea of this blog is pretty much the same. Some of my editorial ideas have changed a bit with less fun polls and more What I Wore type posts.  But the main essence of the blog is still about balancing my love of fashion, the needs of real life and gravity.

There are two things that have changed, I think for the better, about the content of my blog. I have become rather passionate about:

  • living life more sustainability - there are lots of ways we can make small changes to our beauty and fashion routines that can help have an impact on our environment (and our health)
  • owning my beauty- I haven't posted as much about this in 2013. But I remain firmly committed to owning my own beauty, and hopefully providing some inspiration for other women to own theirs.

I also didn't fully realize, 4 years ago, how awesome the blogging community can be. To all those lovely bloggers that I have met in real life and those who I only converse with from afar - thanks for your continued support. I hope I continue to give you interesting reasons to visit my little blog for years to come.

Below is me on New Years Eve 2009 - ready for 2010 and my new adventure. With a much shorter, and non grey, hair style.

Celebrating New Year's Eve 2010 ready to embrace my new adventure.

So in anticipation of 2014, I would love to hear from you... and that means a poll... about what you like to see more of here.