This is what I heard my girlfriend say when she invited me to a charity event..."blah, blah, blah, Fluevog, blah, blah...". My answer: "Yes". Who says NO to a fundraiser held at a Fluevog store. For the record the very smart organization that partnered with Fluevog for their fundraiser was Carousel Theatre for Young People. An awesome group that introduces children to theatre. A great cause I can get behind. Plus Fluevog! And 50% of all shoes sold that night went to Carousel. Over $14,000 worth of shoes were sold. A great, and fun, fundraiser. Plus yummy food sponsored by Nuba.

I went with my girlfriend Gwen, who recently joined the Carousel Theatre Board. She entered the event as someone who did NOT own a pair of Fluevogs. We quickly remedied that situation. It was fun to help someone buy their first pair of Fluevogs.

A First Pair of Fluevogs

Gwen started with a plan. She had done a needs-analysis on what type of shoes she needed. She spends a lot of time with her young boys, so she needed practical. She wears a lot of skirts and tights in the winter, so they needed to work with both pants and skirts. She walks a lot. So the heel needed to be 2.5" or lower. She loved ankle boots. She already loved a number of the Fluevog styles.

I encouraged her to try on a lot of shoes. A bit of a challenge at a busy fundraising event. But important to see what fits, how they look on your feet and whether your feet love the shoes as much as you do.

She loved two different booties. So I made her try them on together. So she could see them side by side. In the end it was the blue Rosy boots  vs the black and white Viv shoes. I also LOVE those blue Rosy boots.  They are comfortable and so cute. We had some friendly banter on whether we could both own the same boots. We agreed we could.  But as I noted in an earlier post I do not currently have full time employment, so no new shoes for me. This was all about Gwen.  She considered getting both pairs of boots but in the end it was the black and white Vivs!  The Rosy boots are on the Christmas wish list.

Our blogging friend Cathy Browne also came out. It was great fun to compare and discuss all the shoes with 3 very different opinions. We all agreed in the end that the Vivs were a fab choice for Gwen.

My Dream List

So while I wasn't buying. I was certainly shopping and creating my wish list for the future.

Spring 2015

We got a quick glimpse at a couple of styles coming out in Spring 2015.  The heels on the black shoes on the right, are from a style originally created in the 80s. I am an 80s girl and I love that heel.

The ones on the left, will be called the Peru, and are made in their Peru Factory. Each of those little triangle patches is sewn on individually - like a puzzle in every shoe. I had a chance to touch these shoes and they are SOFT!


What I Wore

When you own 13 pairs of Fluevogs, you can't go to a Fluevog event without a great pair of Fluevogs. So I started my outfit planning with my zebra print booties. Then added more pattern in this Plum shear black and white polka dot tie neck blouse.


The boots, as usual, got lots of attention. Including from the staff. The overall outfit included a lot of locals I love:

  • Jeans: Levis
  • Blouse: Plum
  • Cardigan: Nicole Bridger
  • Purse: Five Left
  • Cuff: Pomomama
  • Red Coat (not shown): JC Studio

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