My girlfriend Alexis (Wave the Stick)  tagged me in an old fashioned old-school meme to post 5 random facts about me. She was tagged by the lovely and talented Elan (, so who could blame her!

1. I am unemployed.

I finished my last contract this summer and am now looking for the next contract or full time position. But I haven't felt unemployed. Between the school strike, networking, a short contract for my last employer, sending out my resume, and family life I have had little time to feel unemployed. When I first finished my contract I made a long list of things to get done around the house during my break from paid employment. I did my first thing on the list last week! It really is true that looking for a job is a full time job.

  • A little self promotion... anyone looking for a kick ass Marketing and Communications Director in the Vancouver area (or remote) feel free to find me on LinkedIn.

2. I am suffering Writer's Block.

This probably isn't a surprise to my regular readers who may have noticed my infrequent posting of late. Logically, since I don't have a full time job, I should have more time to write. But I am finding myself a bit "stuck". Working on a few creative ways to get myself unstuck. So watch this space... hopefully you will see more from me more often in the weeks to come.


3. Dancing makes me happy.

I am not very selective when it comes to music. If it makes my feet want to move I LOVE IT. Jazz, Swing, Disco, 80s pop.... Anything goes, as long as my feet can go with it. I met my husband swing dancing. My son seems to be like me. Anything he can tap his toes to he loves.  We often have impromptu dance parties - usually to Katie Perry, Pink or Kongos.  My son is particularly in love with the Kongos "Come with Me Now". It is often on auto-repeat play at high volume in our house.


4. I own 13 pairs of Fluevogs.

Yes, I have a baker's dozen of Fluevogs. Clearly I know a shoe brand that fits my personality!  My shoe budget is what I used to spend on dying my hair. And I clearly invested that in a number of pairs of Fluevogs over the past 20 months. Of course, I have a list of current shoes I would like to buy when they go on sale. Starting with some orange mary janes... I will have to try them on to decide which I like more. And for the record, the first thing I will do if I ever win the lottery is a shopping spree at the closest Fluevog store.

More to come next week on my rather extensive Fluevog wish dream list. And a sneak peak of some Spring 2015 shoes.

5. I read library books on my phone.

I recently downloaded the app for the local library onto my phone.  I have a large Samsung Note 3, which is a decent size for reading books. Now I can borrow books anytime from anywhere. I have been known to start a book, get busy with something else, and not get back to the books for weeks. But the library books disappear off my phone after 3 weeks. So I am motivated to start and finish books in a timely manner.  I have Betty Halbreich's book "I'll Drink to That" on hold. While I am waiting for that I am looking for style/fashion related book recommendations.

Now I am supposed to tag 5 other bloggers to join me in blogging about "Five Random Things About Me". A couple of these ladies are participating in NaBloPoMo, which means they are blogging everyday in November, so show them some love...

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