Lots of great ladies, gentlemen and couples 40+ at the 2014 Golden Globe awards.

Before we get to the dresses, I have to say what fun Emma Thompson appears to be. In pictures and on screen she seemed to be always be laughing and having and a blast. Plus she brought her daughter to the show. I am glad she will be help keep the 2014 award season light. And while she did not make my top 10 outfits, I loved her overall vibe.

The silhouette tonight seemed to be either a slim column or full blown princess skirt.  The colours were either bold or pale. The dresses either had a lot of texture or were very smooth. Except for Emma Thompson who combined a textured top and a smooth skirt.

You will find my top picks below. But there is more on my Pinterest board, including the great gents over 40, couples and some great hair shots.
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My Top 10

I am going to keep it positive it tonight.And will only be focusing on my favourite looks of the night.

In the end it was this lovely green dress on Helen Mirren that was my favourite. She certainly knows what works for her figure and her style.

Favourite Couple

Robin Wright Penn and Ben Foster were such a shining couple on the red carpet. But in the end I loved Bruce Dern and his wife Andrea. She looked lovely in her sparkly gown. And I liked the sheer throw she wore to cover her arms.

Bruce and Andrea Dern


Eye Candy

This was easy cause nobody beats the power of U2.  Clearly Amy Poehler agrees as she planted a big one on him when she won her award of Parks and Recreation.



The Controversial Look

I really liked Julia Robert's outfit. It just missed my top 10. I liked that she did something a bit bold for her. And her hair was fantastic. But it seems that it is a love it or hate it look. What did you think?

Julia Roberts

What was your favourite look of the night?