WOW! The big trend of the night was pale dresses: ivory, blush, nude, silver, etc. There was almost as many pale dresses as there were LBDs. I did notice that none of the ladies in those pale colours were holding out their hands for some of that pizza. Except for Meryl, but her skirt was black so I guess she figured she was safe for any sauce stains.

As always, all the outfits that caught my attention tonight are in a pinterest board.

The Top 10 Favourites

I doubt anyone will disagree with Sandra Bullock as my top pick. But I expect a few people will debate my including Bette Midler. I decided to add her at #10 because she took more risks than the others. And I thought the dress fit her figure perfectly. And there was just enough colour to brighten up her blond hair.

Favourite Family over 40

I decided against highlighting a couple and decided on a family instead. Who couldn't resist Jared Leto, his Mother Constance and brother Shannon. Laura Dern, Bruce Dern and his wife Andrea were also pretty awesome.

Constance Leto, Jared Leto, and Shannon Leto

Eye Candy

Those who have followed my red carpet posts know that I also  like to include a great looking man, as well as the lovely ladies. And I often make a less than obvious choice. I mean Brad Pitt, Bono, Ewan McGregor... and I pick the Canadian Director Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club). My rationale: those eyes, a sexy Quebec accent and the salt and pepper hair.

Jean-Marc Vallee

What was your favourite moment of the night? The pizza? The twitter photo bombs during the show? The acceptance speeches?