Tonight is a quick post about the Independent Spirit Awards. It is like a casual warm up for the BIG fashion Oscar Night tomorrow.

The Independent Spirit Awards always confuses me just a bit. I know it is more casual, and "independent" than other awards shows. But it still stuns me when people walk the red carpet in jeans, cardigans and t-shirts. Why both walking down the red carpet if you wearing what I might wear on a Friday to the office. To me it is dressing for the appropriateness of the occasion. But I am not here to be nasty or look at the negative. I want to showcase the lovely ladies, and men, forty and over on the red carpet.

I had three clear favourite ladies tonight. I loved all three because their dresses reflected their unique personalities and didn't overpower them. It is great to see a confident woman who wears the heck out of a fantastic dress, and doesn't allow it to wear her. You can see all my other picks on pinterest.

Cate Blanchett

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Kathryn Hahn

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Angela Bassett

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Favourite Couple: Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka

These two are always so darn cute together. Love the stripes and structure of her dress.

Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka


Eye Candy: Michael Sheen

He looks so wild compared to his uptight TV character. I just want to run my fingers through that crazy hair.

Michael Sheen

Now it is time to head off to bed and rest up for the main event tomorrow.