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I am seeing lots of posts about predictions for trends this spring. Who knows which will come true! Will sheer fabrics take off? Will everyone really be wearing crop tops? Or fringe?  I don't know about any of these (and you aren't likely to find me in any of them). But I do have 5 […]


This green tweet Talbots blazer was a recent consignment store steal. It was in the clearance section of the store and was the grand total of $12!! It is like-new condition. I suspect the original owner only wore it once or twice.  I might have the sleeves shortened, or switch around the button, but I figure […]


Sometimes we all need a night out. A girlfriend recently invited me out to a party for her birthday - I was her plus one. It was the first real grown up house party I have been to in a long time. It started with a smaller dinner with friends, and then the house filled […]

WOW! The big trend of the night was pale dresses: ivory, blush, nude, silver, etc. There was almost as many pale dresses as there were LBDs. I did notice that none of the ladies in those pale colours were holding out their hands for some of that pizza. Except for Meryl, but her skirt was […]

Tonight is a quick post about the Independent Spirit Awards. It is like a casual warm up for the BIG fashion Oscar Night tomorrow. The Independent Spirit Awards always confuses me just a bit. I know it is more casual, and "independent" than other awards shows. But it still stuns me when people walk the […]

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