I have not made a secret of how much I have been coveting FiveLeft purses.  It was on my Christmas list the past two years in a row.   So this year I decided to indulge myself for Christmas.   I was originally looking at this New Girl in Red.   But when I was reviewing the bags at the Circle Craft Christmas market (in early November) I was encouraged, by Gwen Floyd from LeftCoastMama, to go with the more practical Daygoods in red.  I almost always carry a cross body bag on the weekends.  And this one could be adjusted to a shoulder bag as well.  Plus it fit my tablet, wallet and phone.  The tablet was a tight squeeze in the New Girl.  So I bought the Daygoods instead!  Then I put it at the back of my closet until Christmas, when it appeared under the Christmas tree.

I justified the purchase of a full price, locally made, hand crafted, vegetable tanned leather purse a couple of ways.

  1. I stopped dying my hair this year.  I had previously been having it coloured every 8 weeks.  Now I didn't stop my dying my hair to save money. But it was a bonus part of the decision.  Thus, I saved a lot of money this year.
  2. My husband bought himself a very expensive Lego set for Christmas.
  3. I had clearly been coveting the locally made leather goods from Five Left for some time.
  4. I love supporting local.

I had expected it to become my weekend bag. But I find I am using it everyday. And I can't believe the complements I get on it - often from complete strangers.

It isn't a huge bag so I need to be focused on what goes in it.  And if anything small is at the bottom it is a bit hard to reach.  So I pack it very strategically.

In my purse is:

  • HTC tablet - in a Liz Claiborne case
  • Samsung phone
  • wallet
  • Fisherman's Friends
  • pen
  • goodmama diaper wetbag.  What a diaper bag?  Yes , my son is well toilet trained.  I bought quite a few goodmama wetbags, back in those diaper days,  to carry cloth diapers. This small size is meant for a single diaper.   Now that my son no longer needs it I find it a perfect bag to carry my small bits and bobs.  It is waterproof, machine washable and a convenient square size.

In my Goodmama bag is:

  • new EOS lip balm, (which scores a green 1 on Skin Deep Data Base) 
  • Advil
  • Aveda lip glaze (yellow 3 on Skin Deep)
  • Aveda lipstick (can't confirm score on Skin Deep)
  • Aveda hand relief  (red 8 and on my list to replace with less toxic option when finished)
  • hand sanitizer for those sticky moments with my 5 year old.

The bag also has a convenient little pocket where I often keep a little cloth wipe to assist with those sticky little boy moments.  Or when I spill on myself - which my friends know is often.  During my period the bag also fits some of my re-usable menstrual products.

What is in your purse?

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