Back in the fall I picked up this vintage 50s polyester house dress at the local thrift store. It was a bit big, but I loved the pattern and the fake accordion pleated skirt. The pleats are just an effect in the fabric, so they don't add any bulk to the skirt. I thought it would make a great peplum top.  It was $11. When I got home I thought maybe I'd keep it as a dress, but just shorten it. But decided my original plan was the right one. With the help of my mother-in-law, who suggested I do the hem on an angle, I pinned the dress. Then my tailor shortened the skirt, adjusted the darts to give it more shape and created 3/4 cuff sleeves.  That was an extra $25. So my new peplum top has cost me $35 - so far.  I still have plans to use the remaining fabric to make a reversible obi belt (using a the dress fabric on one side and a colour from the pattern as the 2nd side). But that will require borrowing a friend's sewing machine.

On this day I wore it with a black pencil skirt, black belt, tights and shoes. I also wore it on the weekend with some skinny jeans, but forgot to capture photos.

I am pretty proud of my upcycling of this thrift store find. And I look forward to seeing how I can wear it throughout the coming months. So I am going to show it off over at Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.