We had a bit of spring weather in early April. So I pulled out a spring dress that I got on sale at Anthropologie at the end of last season. I added some navy blue tights (Joe Fresh), jean jacket (thrifted), camisole, belt (Danier), red cuff (DConstruct) and my grey/blue shoes (Camper).

Oh and check out this great tutorial I found on pinterest for rolling up your sleeves, by a J Crew stylist.

Taking the photo was complicated by rather windy weather and my son roller blading up and down the alley.


But I managed to get at least one where my hair looks tidy and there is no small person in the background.


I love this cuff by DConstruct.  My necklace was another favourite (no close up sorry). It is a picture of Ginger Rogers and Fred Estaire from Swing Time.


And, because it was such a windy day, I thought why not take a shot of my grey streak coming in. It is almost in... most of the old colour will be out by the next hair cut, in June. With the exception of my bangs, which will take a smidge longer. I have said it before and I will say it again if you are going to grow in your grey, don't do it after you have finished growing your hair out.